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Price Law Group (PLG) has been in business for over 21-years, providing Professional Insurance Claims Management and has 51 offices nation wide. PLG does not work for Insurance Companies! We have extensive experience in evaluating, documenting, preparing and negotiating insurance claims for the policyholder.

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Insurance Assistance
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In the September 2007 issue of Bloomberg Market Magazine there is a very revealing article on the changes in the insurance industry titled "The Insurance Hoax... When disaster strikes, insurers use secret tactics to cheat homeowners/ property owners." The authors reveal that insurance companies have changed the way they do business and now view claims as a source of revenue. The authors go on to explain that insurers routinely offer far less than the fair value of a covered claim in an attempt to boost the insurer's corporate profits.

Insurance companies have turned up the pressure on their adjusters and contractors to keep claim costs low. This means that many damages are overlooked, leaving you with hidden damage to your business. Also, most policies have overlapping areas of coverage where damages may be claimed under more than one area of coverage. Our professional representation can insure your claim is presented in the way that maximizes your benefits under the policy and fully indemnifies your client for their loss providing everything that is deserved under the policy limits.

When facing adversarial financial situations, clients view our representation services similar to utilizing other highly specialized experts, such as accountants or CPA's. Insurance Companies serve their own interests first. We specialize in protecting your interests.

We have many references to substantiate the value of our service. Our fee is contingent upon the amount of your recovery and is insignificant when compared to the value we add to your ultimate recovery. A represented claim can have a 3-5 times better result in regards to the amount awarded.

We look forward to setting up a meeting with you and potentially the property group you are working with. There is no upfront cost or obligation and we work strictly on a contingency. Representation for any claim is critical if you hope to recover the full value of the loss amount.